What a busy couple of months it has been! December and January are two of my favourite months of the year – it’s Christmas, summer, daylight savings, beach days, pub days, work/office closures, New Year then my birthday all rolled into a super-busy couple of weeks. I always love to set this time aside for just relaxing and having fun with friends and family, but unfortunately that means not a lot of writing work gets done! That being said, I have managed to kick a few goals in the last two months, so here is what’s been happening in my writing world:


NaNoWriMo aka National Novel Writing Month is now over, and so many people around the world succeeded and completed a 50,000 word first draft in just 30 day! Sadly, I’m not amongst the winners this year – but that’s okay. I still wrote 21,873 words this month (spread across 2 projects), and my final NaNo graph looks like this:


Spring has arrived with unusually warm weather (and possibly no rain all month in Sydney?), which is unusual for this time of year. But I’m not complaining – I love warm weather, and with the days getting longer and daylight savings beginning tomorrow (yay!) I’m finally getting back into the swing of writing.

My writing mojo has also improved largely due to the fact that this month I converted my spare bedroom into an office! Not only did I buy an awesome new desk from Temple & Webster, but I also got a proper computer chair too. This might not sound that exciting, but one thing that was making my working-from-home days so much harder was that I was trying to write at the dining table on a rather uncomfortable dining chair (Great chair for dinner parties – not so great chair for typing on laptop). Investing in a designated writing space as well as an ergonomic set-up has made a HUGE difference. I used to wonder why after an hour’s worth of writing I’d get so super fidgety that I couldn’t possibly work any more. Now I know that it wasn’t just writer’s block kicking in – it was genuine neck/back ache!


This month, aside from two awesome weekend trips up to the Hunter Valley, I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo prep! I’m not sure I could ever be described as ‘ready’ to jump straight into a first draft for a new book, however I am really excited to be starting a new novel. More details about this book down below, but first here are the updates on my current works:


Well this year has truly flown past! Spring has arrived, which means were well on our way to the end of the year. Rather than lament how sorely neglected this blog has been, Ill instead share what has been happening in my writing world this year.


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